Getting Closer (and a stubborn baby)

After having to reschedule two times, today Sarah and I finally got to go get our last ultrasound for Micah. Usually, most people would not have to get this ultrasound at 34 weeks, but last time we went (week 20 — hard to believe!) the placenta was low lying, and so they wanted to make sure it was still not that way because that would mean Sarah would need a C-section.

So this morning we drove down to the Mid-wife’s office. I perhaps was more excited for this than even Sarah was. That’s saying something because Sarah is very easily excitable. But I was excited to see little Micah’s face and toes and everything else (hopefully also things solidly confirming that he is indeed a boy…).

In case you didn’t know, just because you have insurance it doesn’t mean that required procedures and tests are covered. In fact, many times they are not. We just switched insurance providers yesterday, so thankfully that means that this ultrasound will be covered to a certain extent under our new insurance policy (hopefully). Otherwise, if we had gotten it last week it would have been about $500 just to take a few pictures of Micah. Now that is an expensive photo shoot!

After waiting around and reading “Architectural Digest”  in the waiting room for a while (for the nesting aspect in me) Sarah was finally called back. We went back and had our last glimpses of Micah inside the womb. Apparently the womb is not all that spacious. He was all scrunched up. The technician checked every part of his body. We looked at his brain, measured his femur, heard the heart pump, checked out his bladder and kidneys, double checked that this baby is indeed a boy (and yes he is), and finally…his little face. Nope. He put his hands crossed over his face. He is already camera shy. Doesn’t he realize who his daddy is? I have multiple cameras and multiple lenses ready to capture about 5,000 pictures a day of this little goober! But no…all we got a glimpse of was of “supposedly” an eyelid and part of the left side of his face. Bummer.

The good news is that he is healthy, and everything seems normal. He is 5 lbs 1 oz. He has the normal amount of amniotic fluid. His heart with all four chambers is pumping strong. Bladder seems to be working and he is peeing up a storm. Things look good. And that is very nice. But all I wanted to see was his cute little face. Sarah did remind me that we will be seeing it very soon. Indeed, we will.


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