This blog started in 2009, a couple months after graduating from college. I began writing posts that were attempts for me to work through my theological beliefs and what I had been taught as it related to my own life experiences. Over time my theological beliefs have shifted in some fairly significant areas. I’ve not deleted any posts from over the years, because it is always interesting to see where we’ve come from.

Today I still frequently write posts that touch on theology, religion, and spirituality. And even though my theology over the years has evolved and matured, it is still a very important part of my life and that is evidenced in my posts.

Eat, drink, and watch the clouds

Go ahead and eat your meal, drink your drink, get married, but watch the clouds while you do so. Go about your work in the fields with your neighbor, wake up and grind your coffee. But assume that He could return at any moment. Live like it, at the very least. You can’t say you…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Andrew.
I am a dad, family-teacher, writer, photographer, and coffee-enthusiast.

This blog is where I write about what’s going on in my life.

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