Hi, I’m Andrew

I’m a dad, family-teacher, writer,
photographer, and coffee enthusiast.

I am
a writer

I write reflections from my daily life, which cover topics such as parenting, psychology, theology, and politics.

I am a photographer

What is a Family-Teacher?

My wife and I work as house parents for eight teenage girls. It’s a unique lifestyle, but we love it!

Want something to read?

Check out a post from one of my ongoing blog series:

I often write in response to the various events happening in my life as well as in the world around me, from parenting to politics.

My son Micah has a rare genetic syndrome. I write about what it is like to be a parent of a child with special needs.

I’ve had quite the faith journey throughout my adult life. I have written a few posts explaining what that has looked like for me.