My Photography

Photography allows me to capture moments in time that catch my eye, little secrets that I notice and share with the world. Whether it be people for posed photo shoots, daily moments from my family’s life, or specific projects that I am challenging myself to shoot, the process of making photographs gives me a deep joy.

Spring Break 2021

A collection of photos from our Spring Break family vacation in the Rocky Mountains.

Adoption Day!

Lydia officially became a part of the family.

Ezra and the Volcano

Ezra got a build your own volcano set made by National Geographic for Christmas. (He also got a replica t-rex tooth that he is extremely proud of.) Today was the conclusion of the multi-day process to experience an “eruption.” He first made the volcano by pouring plaster into a mold. After a day of dryingContinue reading “Ezra and the Volcano”


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