Are you still in there, Micah???

My wife looks very pregnant. Not in a bad way. Just the way you look when you’re 40 weeks pregnant. And that’s where she’s at. Today is the official due date of little Micah. However, he really shows no signs of being interested in being a part of this world. Although I might understand the sentiment, Sarah and I feel that he should come now. He’s been in there long enough.

Honestly, I was a little worried that he’d come yesterday, on September 11th. I know it was 11 years ago, but you know…who wants their birthday to be on an anniversary of a horrible tragedy? It was also weird to think that the 20 year anniversary would be his 9th birthday. But he did not come. So, I guess there’s that.

Hard to believe it’s been 40 weeks though. I’ve been on call for the potential text or call from Sarah telling me she’s in labor for about three weeks now. Every text I would get in week 37 I would think, “OH! Sarah’s in labor!”

Nope. Just a text from Sarah asking what I wanted for dinner.

So I’ve been on call so long now, that when I get a text I anticipate it to be something unimportant, as usual. As we get closer and closer to when Micah will be born I’m starting to lose the sense of imminancy that I felt for these past few weeks. Is this really going to happen or not? Is Sarah really pregnant? Is Micah really still in there?

Sarah assures me that he is definitely in there.

I don’t know. I’ve never really experienced something like this before. I mean, nothing in my life right now is different than what it has been like for really the past eight or so years. Perhaps more specifically, in the last two years of being married. Nothing really has been this life altering. But the birth of my first born child will be. There’s really no way around it. My life will be completely different. Today I can lounge about, read a book for a while, check Facebook, play Madden, go to class, hang out downtown. It doesn’t matter. But once the baby comes, that is no longer true. Everything will really revolve around him.

People’s reactions and questions are funny. Over and over people keep asking me when they see me around, “You a dad yet?” or “Has the baby come yet?” — but if they see me, that most likely means that my baby has not come. But I understand. Who knows how committed I am to coming to class? And who knows if the baby came last Friday or something? I can forgive people for that.

What is really strange is when people ask Sarah, “Has the baby come?!” Or, “No baby yet?!” or “Are you still pregnant?”

Either Sarah and I have the most incredibly unobservant friends in the world, or people just don’t know how to respond when they see Sarah is still ridiculously pregnant.

After a woman asked Sarah the other day, “Are you still pregnant!?” Sarah acted offended and said, “Uhh! NO!!”

The woman only could respond with a blank stare.

Sarah is beginning to think that she’s eventually just going to have to be induced. That’s not too uncommon for 1st time pregnancies. It’s unfortunate for a number of reasons, but mostly because Sarah really wants Micah to come ASAP. However, even if Sarah gets induced, it may very well happen very soon. So, at the very least, within the next week and a half we will be seeing Micah in this world.

Supposedly. I’m beginning to have a hard time believing it.

Nevertheless, COME ON, MICAH!

Getting Closer (and a stubborn baby)

After having to reschedule two times, today Sarah and I finally got to go get our last ultrasound for Micah. Usually, most people would not have to get this ultrasound at 34 weeks, but last time we went (week 20 — hard to believe!) the placenta was low lying, and so they wanted to make sure it was still not that way because that would mean Sarah would need a C-section.

So this morning we drove down to the Mid-wife’s office. I perhaps was more excited for this than even Sarah was. That’s saying something because Sarah is very easily excitable. But I was excited to see little Micah’s face and toes and everything else (hopefully also things solidly confirming that he is indeed a boy…).

In case you didn’t know, just because you have insurance it doesn’t mean that required procedures and tests are covered. In fact, many times they are not. We just switched insurance providers yesterday, so thankfully that means that this ultrasound will be covered to a certain extent under our new insurance policy (hopefully). Otherwise, if we had gotten it last week it would have been about $500 just to take a few pictures of Micah. Now that is an expensive photo shoot!

After waiting around and reading “Architectural Digest”  in the waiting room for a while (for the nesting aspect in me) Sarah was finally called back. We went back and had our last glimpses of Micah inside the womb. Apparently the womb is not all that spacious. He was all scrunched up. The technician checked every part of his body. We looked at his brain, measured his femur, heard the heart pump, checked out his bladder and kidneys, double checked that this baby is indeed a boy (and yes he is), and finally…his little face. Nope. He put his hands crossed over his face. He is already camera shy. Doesn’t he realize who his daddy is? I have multiple cameras and multiple lenses ready to capture about 5,000 pictures a day of this little goober! But no…all we got a glimpse of was of “supposedly” an eyelid and part of the left side of his face. Bummer.

The good news is that he is healthy, and everything seems normal. He is 5 lbs 1 oz. He has the normal amount of amniotic fluid. His heart with all four chambers is pumping strong. Bladder seems to be working and he is peeing up a storm. Things look good. And that is very nice. But all I wanted to see was his cute little face. Sarah did remind me that we will be seeing it very soon. Indeed, we will.