Midwest landscapes, Family, and Wedding Bells

This past weekend Sarah, the boys, and I all traveled out to the Omaha, Nebraska area. We went primarily to go to my cousin’s wedding, but also to see family. My mother just recently moved out there with my brother, so it was also an opportunity to spend some time with them and see their new place. Here are some various¬†pictures from our time there this weekend.


Mum's the word.
Here are some wonderfully bright mums outside my grandmother’s new assisted living facility.
Mama and Micah
My grandma (my mom’s mom) was able to see the boys. This was the first time she had met Ezra and the last time she had seen Micah was last year at Thanksgiving.
Boys on the floor
Micah investigates my Aunt’s cell phone as Ezra watches.
Backyard tree
The trees seemed to be right at their peak while we were visiting.
Tortoise and the Hare
Micah and Ezra got to preview their halloween costumes at my grandma’s facility. There was a trick-or-treating event at my Grandma’s facility. So the boys got to preview their new halloween costumes. They are the tortoise and the hare.
Mommy and the costume boys
It was towards the end of the evening and the boys were a bit tired, so getting a good picture was hard to do. Rabbits move quickly!
Daddy and the costume boys
Here’s one with the boys and me.
Halloween family shot
And all four of us!
Mama and Ezra
Ezra the Tortoise liked great-grandma’s necklace.
Mama and Ezra
Ezra liked sitting on Great-Grandma’s lap.
Micah at the porch
While at my mom’s new house Micah really enjoyed going in and out onto the deck, opening and closing the screen door.
Neighbor pond
My mom’s neighbors have a nice little pond with some pumpkins and big fish.
Fall colors
One of my mom’s trees was rapidly dropping it’s orange leaves throughout the time we were there.
Ezra playing
Ezra is able to keep himself entertained pretty well.
Matthew feeding Ezra
Uncle Matt feeding Ezra some lunch.
Ezra after eating
Don’t mess with a man while he’s eating.
Ezra after eating
Nevermind…all better.
Sunset colors
Bright orange sunsets make for dramatic pictures.
Sunset colors
A beautiful midwestern sunset.
Colors through the branches
Sunset with trees that have already given up their leaves for the year.
This is the fountain in Bayliss Park in Council Bluffs, Iowa where my mom and my grandmothers live.
Micah and the Squirrel
The lighting was bad, but here’s Micah riding a squirrel at Bayliss Park.
Micah and the Squirrel
AND kissing one. (He’s so affectionate.)
Mommy and Micah at the Fountain
Mommy and Micah standing at the fountain.
Micah climbing the Fountain
As Micah climbed up on the fountain the air all around seemed to glow orange from the beautiful sunset.
Fountain in Council Bluffs
Here’s a shot f the fountain before the sun had gone below the horizon.
Fountain in Council Bluffs
Here’s a shot of the fountain after the sun went down
Fountain in Council Bluffs
Quite a bit blurry, but this is a handheld shot with the shutter open longer than a second.
Hanging out at my mom's new house in Iowa. The weather was perfect today. Here's a rare shot of me and Micah.
Here’s a rare shot of Micah and me in front of a beautiful tree in my mom’s backyard.
I have the privilege of calling these lovely people my family. #ofkorth
My cousin Becky and her immediate family. Such a lovely group!
Korth Wedding
Becky and Luke exchanging their vows.
Korth Wedding
The newly married couple being pronounced as man and wife.

Korth Wedding

Korth Wedding
My favorite moment in a wedding is just after they have been pronounced husband and wife. The bride and groom always glance at each other and flash each other the most authentic and best smile of the night.
Korth Wedding
Some of the lights at the wedding.
Korth Wedding
These are some of the epic wedding decorations. These paper bells were each individually made and strung up by various members of my family in preparation for the wedding. Amazing idea – and a lot of work!
#latergram from last night at #slowdown.
This is outside at Slowdown – the venue where they were married.
Grandma and Micah and the pumpkin
Grandma and Micah make a Mr. Pumpkin Head jack-o-lantern together.
Grandma and Micah and the pumpkin
Micah and grandma putting on the various facial features of Mr. Pumpkin Head.
Ezra and his drum
Ezra and his drum.
Post-Wedding get together
A post-wedding family get together.
NFL football in the morning!
NFL football in the morning!
Morning brother snuggles.
Micah and Ezra sharing some snuggles in grandma’s chair.
Some birds on a grey day in Nebraska.
Micah and Grandma
We stopped for a bit at my grandparents’ lake house. Here’s grandma and Micah walking down the hill to the water.
Micah and Grandma
Another shot of grandma and Micah.
Beaver Lake water tower
The Beaver Lake water tower.
Beaver Lake
Beaver Lake.
The Beaver Lake House
The house.
Sarah at Beaver Lake
Sarah looking out the window towards the lake. She spotted a bald eagle!
Ezra on the Floor 3
Ezra chillin’
Ezra on the Floor
Ezra sitting around like a boss.
Hanging out at Beaver Lake
Ezra snuggles with Grandma while Micah gets consoled by mommy.
Beaver Lake
A look out towards the lake.
Micah and Great Grandma
Micah’s sitting with his other great-grandmother.
Ezra and Great-Grandma
Ezra and great-grandma Seaman met for the first time on this trip. They are over 94 years apart in age!
Ezra and Great-Grandma
Ezra hanging out with great-grandma
Mommy and Ezra Book Time
Mommy and Ezra reading together.
Mommy and Ezra Book Time
Mommy and Ezra reading.
Mama and Ezra
Ezra and great-grandma Knott.
Grandma and Ezra
Ezra and grandma.
Grandma and Ezra
Ezra, grandma, and Micah sneaking away…

The last few days of alone time with Micah

Well, we are about a month away from Micah becoming a big brother. As I sit and play with him in the mornings it’s still hard for me to comprehend we’re going to have another one of these guys around here in just a few weeks. I’m trying to appreciate my alone time with Micah right now before his baby brother comes around. Today, Micah got a hold of my iPhone and excitedly played with it for quite a while. I decided to take a few pictures.

Micah in a happy mood.
Micah focused on playing with Daddy’s cell phone.
Micah being cautious about dad taking the cell phone away.
Sunlight through the blinds on Micah’s face this morning (with cell phone in hand)
Micah’s gaze
Micah focused on playing with the iPhone.
What happens when Daddy takes back his phone because he was being too rough with it.
The emotion of getting dad’s phone back.
Happy and content with daddy’s phone. Life is good again.
Micah and his blue eyes.
Micah once again curious as to how long he’ll get to play with the phone.
Micah fascinated by something on the phone.
Micah and his crazy hair…

Mr. Sad Face

Generally speaking my son Micah is a pretty happy kid. But sometimes he’s not. And that frequently happens when he doesn’t get the food he wants. After having a number of goldfish as a snack I told them that it was time to stop eating them and eat some real food for dinner. He was not amused.

Micah “fishing” for his snack.
Micah’s reaction after telling him that he shouldn’t have any more.
Tears. And…gross!
Those eyes almost convinced me to let him have more.

The days are long, but the months are short

Sometimes a day seems very long. Taking care of a 15 month old is a lot of work. Especially considering what his pediatrician said last week: “Looks like he’s gonna give you a run for your money. He’s what we call a boy’s boy.” It’s well worth it though. Seeing him grow up and develop his personality more and more is such an incredible experience. When I look back, I wonder about how the time has gone by so quickly.

Here are some recent photos of Micah. Most are from today when he got his second haircut at a play place right behind our apartment. I was shooting these pictures with a manual lens, and Micah really challenges my ability to get pictures of him in focus. But here are a few:

Naughty Micah 2
Micah after being caught tearing up all of his baby wipes in his bed.
Intense drinking machine
Micah is very serious when it comes to drinking. (And eating for that matter…)
Micah trying to play XBOX
Micah attempting to turn on the XBOX
Micah in his chair
Micah sitting in his chair.
Micah and his Piano
Micah playing his meowsic keyboard before bed. He likes it, but it’s enough to drive me insane sometimes…
Micah at breakfast 2
A pre-haircut breakfast at a local diner. Here he is begging for some more sausage.
Micah at breakfast
Micah enjoying some breakfast.
Mommy and Micah at Pickles
Mommy and Micah play at Pickles Playplace.
Micah on the slide
Micah on the slide at Pickles Playplace.
Micah on the slide
Both mommy and Micah enjoyed the slide.
Micah on the slide
Micah enjoying the slide.
Micah on the slide
Micah at the bottom of the slide.
Micah on the slide
Micah after round 10+ down the slide. Still loving it.
Spinning Micah
Micah spinning around.
Micah's Second Haircut
Micah getting a much needed second haircut.
Micah's Second Haircut
Micah was surprisingly still for his haircut
Micah's Second Haircut
Micah seemed quite relaxed during his haircut.
Micah's Second Haircut
Getting the back portion of his hair cut off. The haircutter said, “It seems that mother nature wants us all to have mullets.” We disagree with mother nature.

Micah’s First Day in the Snow

Even though it has snowed a number of times this season, Micah had yet to go out and play in the snow. Today, Sarah and I decided that it might be a fun start to the year if Micah went out and enjoyed the snow for the first time.

Micah in the Snow
It was snowing, and it didn’t seem like Micah knew what to think about the snow. Here Sarah tries to get Micah excited about the snow.
Micah in the Snow
Micah trying to decide how he feels about this stuff.
Micah in the Snow
At first he stayed very close to mom.
Micah in the Snow
Micah walking around in the snow. He’s discovering it’s a lot more work to walk in the snow.
Micah in the Snow
Micah playing with the snow for the first time in his life.
Micah in the Snow
Attempting to walk around in the snow.
Micah in the Snow
Micah seemed to still be trying to figure out how he felt about all this snow.
Micah in the Snow
Looking around with mommy at the transformed winter wonderland.
Micah in the Snow
Standing around. Micah’s wheels are turning. What’s he thinking about?
Micah in the Snow
Micah hanging out at the metal fences, brushing off the snow. (And licking the knob…)
Micah in the Snow
Micah excited to see his reflection in the door.

Parent Instincts vs. Photographer Instincts

There are clearly instincts that parents have. I realized this early on when I thought Micah, as a newborn, was going to spit up. I rushed to put my hand under his mouth so that it wouldn’t get on his clothes. That was my natural reaction. Reaction times as a parent, even after hours of lost sleep, somehow resemble those of Peter Parker after being bit by that radioactive spider. (We also have that spidey-sense, too.)

As a photographer I find that sometimes that natural parental instinct can be overridden by the need to take a picture of the moment. One time Sarah and I left the room for a moment only to come back and find Micah hidden with chocolate smeared all over his face. He had somehow found a small Reese’s cup and stuffed the whole thing into his mouth, wrapper and all. After quickly taking the wrapper out of his mouth I HAD to snap a quick picture of his guilty, chocolate covered face.

Today a similar thing happened. Micah was walking around the dining room eating out of his snack trap. I turned away for few moments. Then I heard Sarah gasp loudly as she entered the room. I turned around and saw that Micah had grabbed a Keurig K-cup from the table and was eating the coffee grounds from it. Like with the chocolate, it was all over his face. Sarah had the reaction that I would assume would probably be true for all parents — to quickly take the K-cup away. But I realized, as I was in the process of grabbing my camera, that my reaction was to take a picture of this moment.

Looks like the photographer instinct wins out.

Micah moments after being caught eating coffee from a K-cup.
Micah moments after being caught eating coffee from a K-cup.

Thanksgiving in Iowa

This Thanksgiving we traveled out to see my mom’s side of the family in Iowa. The house we spent most of the time in has three cats and two dogs. Micah loves animals. He spent a lot of his time chasing them around. Unfortunately he does not know how to pet them. Mostly he just grabs their ears. They put up with a lot.

Thanksgiving in Iowa
Micah plays with Sparrow.
Thanksgiving in Iowa
Micah chasing Captain Jack, while mommy makes sure he’s not too rough.
Micah and Mommy
Micah shows his excitement to mommy about the dogs.
My Uncle Norman chills with one of the cats.
Thanksgiving in Iowa
The cats snuggle like this throughout much of the day.
Thanksgiving in Iowa
Two of the three cats, taking an afternoon nap.
Thanksgiving in Iowa
My grandmother and one of the cats.
Mary Ann
My Aunt Mary Ann and one of the cats in an argument of some kind.
My brother watching a good play in the Cowboys game.
Thanksgiving in Iowa
One of the cats sits in the chair and stares out the window.
Greene and his coffee
Greene the cat loves very hot coffee. She’s 17 years old and is known to drink coffee and eat cigarettes.
Micah's ride
Micah takes a ride in a box through the house.
Micah's ride 2
Micah is given a steering wheel to help with the ride. But he doesn’t seem very interested.
Micah in the dishwasher BW
Micah climbed up into the dishwasher and immediately took off a sock.
Flying to Gina
Micah is playfully being thrown to Gina.