The first day of school during a pandemic

The first day of school is typically filled with lots of emotion. The first day of school during a pandemic is as well, but it’s quite the rollercoaster ride.

Morning Musings

I I’m not sure why I wake up in a better mood some days and others I don’t. I assume it has something to do with the amount of warm morning light I see, and probably the amount of restful sleep I get, too.  But some days I wake up and I feel like I’mContinue reading “Morning Musings”

Through Ezra’s Eyes

For Ezra’s fourth birthday I got him his very own camera. I thought it might be neat to post some of his pictures here every once and a while. All these photos are taken exclusively by him since his birthday. I think I’ll post pictures of his on here from time to time. This is veryContinue reading “Through Ezra’s Eyes”