During a Tragedy

Life is fragile. I’ve recently been reminded of that.

When our friends are going through a time of grief, it is not about saying the right thing to encourage them. It is not about getting them to forget what is happening. It is not about trying to get them to move on. It is about being there. It is about being quiet. It is about simply letting them grieve and lament. It is okay to be sad about something that is sad. We don’t need to move on right away. People need to take time to grieve.

For those trying to be there for those whom we love that are going through a tragedy, just being there is what matters. Listening is what matters. We will never know what they are going through, and we shouldn’t feel burdened to try and feel their burden. We are just there for them.

We may never know the reasons for why things happen the way they do, but it is always a reminder that we must continue to have faith. We must always be in remembrance of just how fragile life is, and on our own we are practically helpless.



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