Three Words.

Even though Micah is a little older than three years old now, he has struggled keeping up with his various developmental milestones. This has been extremely discouraging, hard to explain to others, and even hard to accept that it’s not Sarah and my fault as parents. This has been especially true in regards to hisContinue reading “Three Words.”

And The World Keeps on Spinning

Knowing you are going to have a baby for nine and a half months in many ways seems like just the right amount of time. I don’t know about other parents out there, but when I first saw that pregnancy test come back as positive my heart stopped for a moment. It was like experiencingContinue reading “And The World Keeps on Spinning”

On Being a Dad

“Are you getting any sleep?” That is the question that seemingly every person I come in contact with asks. What do you think? We have a newborn at home who eats every two hours. No, no. I get it. I probably look like a walking zombie. It’s fine. I am just always amazed how everyoneContinue reading “On Being a Dad”