Three Words.

Even though Micah is a little older than three years old now, he has struggled keeping up with his various developmental milestones. This has been extremely discouraging, hard to explain to others, and even hard to accept that it’s not Sarah and my fault as parents. This has been especially true in regards to hisContinue reading “Three Words.”

An Example of Vulnerability and Empowerment

Recently at my church here in Omaha, we had a video presentation from a married couple at our church. It was a very honest and vulnerable story of their marriage — and the brokenness they have experienced in it and the lessons they’ve learned through it. Here it is: After the video played there wasContinue reading “An Example of Vulnerability and Empowerment”

Smile Moment: Taking Out the Trash

Sometimes I experience or witness something that makes me smile to myself. There’s not really a place to mention it in person with people, so I thought about writing about these moments on my blog in a series entitled “Smile Moments.” On my way home from work yesterday I stopped by my Trinity’s campus toContinue reading “Smile Moment: Taking Out the Trash