Three Words.

Even though Micah is a little older than three years old now, he has struggled keeping up with his various developmental milestones. This has been extremely discouraging, hard to explain to others, and even hard to accept that it’s not Sarah and my fault as parents. This has been especially true in regards to his speech. As a parent I have seen nearly all of the kids his age fly past their milestone markers while I have had to deal with many of the tough and often hurtful questions from people about his behavior or his lack of speech.

It’s hard. I’m not going to lie. It’s really hard. Seeing kids younger than him spouting off sentences or sitting quietly at a restaurant. I get jealous. I really do. It’s just hard not to compare him to others his age.

But I am so thankful for Micah. I love him more than the world. He is healthy. He is constantly full of joy. He is more tenacious and curious than any person I’ve ever known. And with every word or accomplishment, I am so incredibly proud of him. He loves people. He loves animals (especially dogs). He loves dancing and jumping and cooking me “soup” from his kitchen.

Up until today I have never heard him use three words in a row. He rarely even uses two together. But today he told me “I love you” after dinner. I have waited over three years to hear that from him. And my little guy said it tonight for the first time. And it melted my heart.

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