Hanging with Friends

I’ve spent the last couple weekends hanging out with some friends from Japan. They’ve been to our place a number of times, but it’s nice to be able to visit them in their home and eat homemade Japanese food. Incredibly delicious. For some reason I always remember to take pictures when I am with them, so I have pictures to share. I frequently forget to take pictures of events that don’t seem out of the ordinary. I have been wanting to change that up a bit. I simply just want to be taking more pictures all of the time. I want to basically be taking pictures every day if possible. That probably won’t be as hard to do when I have a baby around.

Speaking of baby, Micah was due last Wednesday the 12th of September. No signs of baby arriving yet. Sarah is scheduled to be induced on Thursday at 4:00 am if she hasn’t had the baby already. She will go in to have some tests done on Tuesday to make sure everything is alright.

It seems that people are beginning to really see me as a photographer, so I will be doing some photo shoots in the near future for money finally. I recently shot a friend’s band at a live show for some money and I will be shooting some family photos, an engagement session and some potentially some projects for me school here in the near future. This makes me feel better about buying a lens recently. I will at least be able to put it to some great use, and be able to pay it off quickly.

My love of photography grows by the day, and I hope to gain more and more skills and become more knowledgable about how to take better and better photographs. Who knows? Maybe I’ll never need to get a real job ever again. (Even the editing of photos is kind of fun for me…it’s rarely ever work for me.)

I am kind of scared to see how many pictures I am going to take of our newborn, though.

Lollapalooza 2012

Wasn’t allowed to bring my camera, so these are all from my phone. Awesome show. Jack White and Sigur Ros definitely stand out. Great day of weather, too.

Rory and I spent the day at Lollapalooza 2012
This was on the train on the way to Union Station
BEFORE all the people
Bombay Bicycle club
This was the crowd for Bombay Bicycle Club, now imagine what it was for Sigor Ros and Jack White!
Trampled by Turtles — notice they don’t have a drummer.
Yep, that’s Jonsi singing into his guitar. SIGUR ROS!!!
Jonsi playing the guitar like he does. And yes, that’s how close we were.
Sigur Ros
Jack White! He had two separate bands that switch midway through. The first half was an all male band, then the second half was an all female band. Pretty cool stuff. Incredible musicians. I saw the White Stripes before, but this is just incredibly better.
Same in black and white
Closer shot
black and white version
Jack White playing “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground.” Very cool to hear it with a full band. The picture is blurry because the entire crowd was shifting, shoving, moving, jumping. Couldn’t stand still.
Here’s the switchover to the female band.
As soon as the encore ended my friend and I bolted as fast as we could. That’s hard to do when your knee is sore, the ground is nothing but mud, and you’re trying to walk through 100,000 people to get to the train on time.