Back to the Routine (and Learning How to Tidy Up)

Micah heads back to school, while Sarah and I learn how to tidy up

After a week of “spring break,” Micah headed back to school again this morning. Before he gets on the bus he likes to give kisses to Missy and Ezra.

At the door

It’s nice to back to this schedule. I spent all morning getting into spring cleaning mode. Purging lots of unused and unwanted stuff. Reorganizing the house to make better use of the things we have. Maybe I’ll actually start hanging the pictures and art that I own. (I’m really bad about not hanging things on walls because I absolutely despise doing it. I’m too particular about making sure things are perfectly measured and level.)

At the door

The challenge is keeping Ezra and Missy out of the way as Sarah and I clean, fold laundry, and reorganize our rooms.

I’ve started reading the best-selling book by Marie Kondo The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I’ve been enjoying it overall, although I feel she is a bit wordy and full of herself, and she does offer up lots of good tips.

Let me summarize the two bigs ones I’ve read thus far: 1) Only keep things which “spark joy” in yourself, and 2) don’t tidy up by location (by room), but rather by type (i.e. start with clothes, then books, then mail, then gadgets, etc.)

I’m loosely following her method thus far, and I think it’s working out all right. I think this will be a project we’ll be working on for a while, but both Sarah and I are excited about getting rid of some of the junk and items we’ve held onto for far too long.

Do you have any tips or tricks about how to keep a house clean with two toddlers and a puppy? She mysteriously hasn’t talked about that sort of lifestyle in her book. 😒

At the door

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