Some More of the Boys

The summer is going to be gone before I know it. Time really is flying by. Ezra’s getting bigger, Micah is definitely getting older. Life is good.

Here are some recent pictures of the boys:

Ezra in the jumper

Ezra in the jumper

Ezra toes

Ezra jumping

Micah sitting

Micah Drinking

Micah drinking

Micah drinking

Micah building blocks

Micah and blocks

Micah blocks

Micah stare

Ezra toes


Emperor Ezra, wearing his new clothes and sitting on his throne, will only be approached if one first bows down, if not already prostrate on the floor, and kisses his feet. {#vscocam #vsco #lincolnsquareliving #vscofam #vscokids #stayathomedad #dadlife #k

Out in mid jump


Micah and the window

Micah Sweeping Up

Watching TV


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