The birth of Ezra

The birth of our second son all started with a little castor oil. With the suggestion of her midwife and with a burning desire to see our second son as soon as possible, Sarah mixed some castor oil into some chocolate milk and hoped for the best.

When you want a baby to be here

It was a desperate moment to kickstart her contractions. Facebook pleas from women who had tried this method before her cried out, “Oh no! NO! Don’t do it!”

But it worked. The contractions started out subtlety. But just a few hours later and we were rapidly running out the door, with Sarah having strong contractions only a couple minutes apart. We were in such a rush I even forgot my coat. After swerving Chicago’s pothole filled roads to the hospital we made it to our destination at about 12:30 AM. The midwife arrived soon after us and told us that we would be having this baby very soon.

After rushing to set up the tools and equipment needed for the delivery, Sarah’s water was broken. Ten minutes, a handful of contractions, three pushes, and a few moans later Ezra Yuuto Seaman entered healthily into this world. (For those who don’t know, my wife is one strong woman. And I’m a proud husband.)

The birth process is amazing. For those who haven’t experienced or witnessed it, it might sound gross or super intense. And it kind of is those things. But, it also is truly awesome – it is a miracle.

I will spare you the “family only” pictures from the birth, but here are some of my favorite pictures from the delivery and the hours following:

The birth of baby Ezra
Ezra fresh from the womb. Sarah’s midwife happy to show Ezra off!
Ezra on Mommy's chest
Soon after Ezra was born they put him on mommy’s chest to cuddle.
Ezra's first moments of life
Within a few minutes of Ezra being born they put him under the warmer to clean him up a bit, and take footprints.
Ezra's first moments of life
Ezra adjusting to the warmth and the bright light.
Footprints are taken and put on cards for us to keep.
Ezra's first minutes of life
Sometimes Ezra looks like a grumpy tortoise, and it soon turned into a nickname for him when he makes this face.
Ezra's first minutes of life
Sticking his tongue out.
Family shot
It all happened so fast, I think both of us were a bit stunned that Ezra had arrived so quickly.
Linda, Sarah, and Ezra
Linda, Sarah’s midwife, is awesome. She also delivered Micah.
Getting Measured
After a while we travel up a floor to the nursery, where he get reweighed, measured, and gets his first bath. They also perform a number of tests to make sure he checks out alright.
Baby Ezra
Ezra hanging out in the warmer, getting ready for his first bath.
Baby Ezra
Ezra getting scrubbed down in his first bath.
Fauxhawk Ezra
Ezra’s first new hairstyle.
Daddy and Ezra
Daddy and Ezra hanging out.
Daddy and Ezra
Daddy and Ezra bonding.
Ezra Yuuto Seaman
Hanging out with mommy.
Mommy and Ezra
Cuddling with mommy.
Mommy and Ezra
Ezra reacts to mommy’s kiss.
Mommy and Ezra
Mommy and Ezra cuddling. (I think this is SO sweet!)
Ezra Yuuto Seaman
With hat on.
Ezra Yuuto Seaman
Without hat.
Ezra Yuuto Seaman
Finally laying down to rest after a busy couple of hours.
Ezra Yuuto Seaman
Is that a smile?
Ezra Yuuto Seaman
Laying on daddy’s bed for various poses.
Ezra Yuuto Seaman
Playing coy.
Ezra Yuuto Seaman
Waving his arms around.
Ezra Yuuto Seaman
What a cutie!
Ezra Yuuto Seaman
Ezra in his carseat
In the carseat and ready to go home!
Ezra in his carseat
Ezra’s last moments in the hospital. Ready for our adventure into the world.


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