Meeting Ezra

Ezra was born at 1:33 AM on Sunday, March 23. Due to Sarah’s smooth delivery and lack of any complications, we were able to go home the next day. We decided to come home after Micah, Ezra’s 18 month old brother, had gone to bed. We wanted Micah to meet Ezra for the first time after a good night’s sleep. Sarah and I were so blessed and thankful to have her mom in town to watch Micah. She had arrived the week prior to Ezra’s birth because we really had no idea when he might decide to enter into this world.

So we came home to Grandma, ready and waiting to meet her new Grandson, and Micah sleeping soundly in bed.

Grandma and Ezra Meet
Grandma meeting Ezra for the first time.
Grandma and Ezra Meet
Grandma and Ezra looking at each other.

This morning, when Micah woke up I let him know I was home. This was the first time that he had experienced any real length of time without both mommy and daddy. He seemed pleased to see me, but not really phased. After Mommy fed Ezra in the bedroom, we prepared for Micah to meet Ezra for the first time. I changed Micah into his “Little Big guy” outfit to match Ezra’s “Mommy’s little man” shirt.

I let Micah know what we were doing, albeit very poorly. I told him he was going to go see his “big brother.” Way to confuse the kid, dad! Sheesh… I blame it on the fact that his shirt says “little big guy” on it.

Sarah was waiting in the next room with baby Ezra. We had no idea how Micah would react to his new brother. We assumed he would react poorly, but that was really not the case at all. He seemed quite excited to meet his new brother. His reaction was very cute! (And once again I say that Micah is going to meet his “big brother” — but I eventually catch myself).

Micah meets Ezra for the first time
Micah meeting Ezra for the first time.
Ezra didn’t seemed affected by meeting his brother.
Mommy and the boys
Micah soon after meeting Ezra, jumped up into Mommy’s lap, snuggled with her and started to study his brother intently.
Mommy and the boys
The moment was so precious that both Sarah and I were filled with joy. I didn’t get it quite in focus, but I think the look on Sarah’s face tells it all. Pure joy. *Heart melted*
Mommy and the boys
Soon thereafter Micah tried touching Ezra’s head. But he’s learning to be gentle.
Mommy and the boys
Mommy and her two boys.
Daddy and Ezra
Ezra looking up at daddy.
Daddy and Ezra
Daddy and Ezra snuggling.

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