The days are long, but the months are short

Sometimes a day seems very long. Taking care of a 15 month old is a lot of work. Especially considering what his pediatrician said last week: “Looks like he’s gonna give you a run for your money. He’s what we call a boy’s boy.” It’s well worth it though. Seeing him grow up and develop his personality more and more is such an incredible experience. When I look back, I wonder about how the time has gone by so quickly.

Here are some recent photos of Micah. Most are from today when he got his second haircut at a play place right behind our apartment. I was shooting these pictures with a manual lens, and Micah really challenges my ability to get pictures of him in focus. But here are a few:

Naughty Micah 2
Micah after being caught tearing up all of his baby wipes in his bed.
Intense drinking machine
Micah is very serious when it comes to drinking. (And eating for that matter…)
Micah trying to play XBOX
Micah attempting to turn on the XBOX
Micah in his chair
Micah sitting in his chair.
Micah and his Piano
Micah playing his meowsic keyboard before bed. He likes it, but it’s enough to drive me insane sometimes…
Micah at breakfast 2
A pre-haircut breakfast at a local diner. Here he is begging for some more sausage.
Micah at breakfast
Micah enjoying some breakfast.
Mommy and Micah at Pickles
Mommy and Micah play at Pickles Playplace.
Micah on the slide
Micah on the slide at Pickles Playplace.
Micah on the slide
Both mommy and Micah enjoyed the slide.
Micah on the slide
Micah enjoying the slide.
Micah on the slide
Micah at the bottom of the slide.
Micah on the slide
Micah after round 10+ down the slide. Still loving it.
Spinning Micah
Micah spinning around.
Micah's Second Haircut
Micah getting a much needed second haircut.
Micah's Second Haircut
Micah was surprisingly still for his haircut
Micah's Second Haircut
Micah seemed quite relaxed during his haircut.
Micah's Second Haircut
Getting the back portion of his hair cut off. The haircutter said, “It seems that mother nature wants us all to have mullets.” We disagree with mother nature.

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