Selected Quotes from “On Mercy and Justice”

he following text, often attributed to St. Basil the Great, is now regarded by some scholars as the work of one of Basil’s followers. This translation is the work of C. Paul Schroeder and is included in his collection of St. Basil’s writings On Social Justice. “The world that forgets God, brothers and sisters, is ruledContinue reading “Selected Quotes from “On Mercy and Justice””

To TOMS or not to TOMS?

It’s time for me to get new shoes. When it comes to shoes, I’m not your typical guy. I have some kind of weird affinity for shoes. I have my theories as to why. Let’s just say that Michael Jordan played basketball with some pretty sweet looking shoes while I was in elementary and middleContinue reading “To TOMS or not to TOMS?”

Chicago Urban Program: Part 1

This is part one of a two part entry. This entry is reflections before my involvement with Chicago Urban Program (CUP). Part two will be written March 11, after my involvement in which I will give my conclusions. On March 5-10 I have the privilege of participating in a ministry of InterVarsity called “Chicago UrbanContinue reading “Chicago Urban Program: Part 1”