Reflections & Ramblings: Volume Two

I. Sarah works nights as a labor and delivery nurse. Sometimes the schedule works out so she works four nights in a row. This weekend has been one of those times. She’s worked Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and tonight. All twelve hour shifts. On top of that she worked the end of a call shift onContinue reading “Reflections & Ramblings: Volume Two”

Reflections and Ramblings: Volume One

I. Today was Micah’s first day of preschool. In the excitement of the morning, and in the rush to get out the door, we forgot to put our new puppy Missy in her crate before we left. There was an incident. So she ended up getting an unplanned bath. II. Because we didn’t really know howContinue reading “Reflections and Ramblings: Volume One”

Thoughts While Driving Around on Valentine’s Day

Today I ran some errands for Valentine’s Day. I had my (almost) five month old son in the back seat babbling to himself throughout the ride. As I was driving around I was reminded of what a blessing it was to have a healthy, handsome young baby boy riding around with me. Not just anyContinue reading “Thoughts While Driving Around on Valentine’s Day”