Leaning in // Blogging more

One of my goals of 2016 is to write more. I journal fairly regularly these days, but I really want to hone in on my writing skills. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by simply writing more. I’ve already started a blog called Andrew Does Reviews to reflect on the shows, movies,Continue reading “Leaning in // Blogging more”

A Reminder from a Past Self to Journal

Since fifth grade I have journaled in some form or another. I still have all my old notebooks. Dozens of them. Even though we have lived in our new apartment for 7.5 months now, my wife and I have finally unpacked all of the boxes from our move. A couple boxes included these journals. OneContinue reading “A Reminder from a Past Self to Journal”

Trying to find time to document an exciting time in life

Some Initial Thoughts I have always found value in journaling. I think journaling is important for a number of reasons. You get to think through life as it happens, documenting specific details about events in life, recounting the good, the bad, and the ugly about what it is like to live life in this world.Continue reading “Trying to find time to document an exciting time in life”