Sunday Stepback: Prepping for Child #2

About a month after Sarah and I moved into the city of Chicago we experienced an unexpected life change. Sarah got pregnant again. This was not planned. This was not anticipated (although I had suspected it for a couple weeks before Sarah officially found out). And now I have spent the last 7 months tryingContinue reading “Sunday Stepback: Prepping for Child #2”

Sunday Stepback: My Journey as a Photographer

Maybe you’ve seen that Vimeo video¬†where Ira Glass describes the persistence needed as an artist to move past the doubts and into one’s own unique style. It made me think about my journey as a photographer. Growing up my mother took and developed rolls and rolls of film. Nothing specifically artistic, but she was alwaysContinue reading “Sunday Stepback: My Journey as a Photographer”

Sunday Stepback: Anxious, Tired, and Messy

My family has experienced a lot of change in the past year and a half or so. To help you understand, let me summarize just a few things that have occurred: my wife and I had our first son 16 months ago, my wife has had three different jobs in the past year, I graduatedContinue reading “Sunday Stepback: Anxious, Tired, and Messy”