Black and White Project: Day Six

It’s hard to believe that the trees have not really budded yet. At least the weather has finally warmed up. Sarah, Micah, and I went on a walk today. I took a picture of a tree with the wonderful cloudy sky in the background.

Black and White Project: Day Five

The other night Sarah and I got a big styrofoam box of Omaha Steaks in the mail from my grandma. Sending Omaha Steaks has been a very kind gesture of hers throughout my childhood. Usually for holidays such as New Years we’d get a big box of steaks and hamburgers from her. Although I loved steakContinue reading “Black and White Project: Day Five”

Black and White Project: Day Four

Life recently got incredibly hectic, so I have been unable to take many pictures. But here is day four. I went to a my college roommate’s graduation into the Navy on Friday. He’s preparing to be a Navy Seal. I’ve never been to a military event, so this was an interesting experience for me. ItContinue reading “Black and White Project: Day Four”