Thoughts While Driving Around on Valentine’s Day

Today I ran some errands for Valentine’s Day. I had my (almost) five month old son in the back seat babbling to himself throughout the ride. As I was driving around I was reminded of what a blessing it was to have a healthy, handsome young baby boy riding around with me. Not just anyContinue reading “Thoughts While Driving Around on Valentine’s Day”

Trying to find time to document an exciting time in life

Some Initial Thoughts I have always found value in journaling. I think journaling is important for a number of reasons. You get to think through life as it happens, documenting specific details about events in life, recounting the good, the bad, and the ugly about what it is like to live life in this world.Continue reading “Trying to find time to document an exciting time in life”

And The World Keeps on Spinning

Knowing you are going to have a baby for nine and a half months in many ways seems like just the right amount of time. I don’t know about other parents out there, but when I first saw that pregnancy test come back as positive my heart stopped for a moment. It was like experiencingContinue reading “And The World Keeps on Spinning”