Cowper’s Grave

A very powerful poem on the cross of Christ written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The last stanza is perhaps the most powerful. Read and absorb. I It is a place where poets crowned may feel the heart’s decaying. It is a place where happy saints may weep amid their praying. Yet let the grief andContinue reading “Cowper’s Grave”

Staying Focused on Eternity

As I look to recent “heroes of the faith” (I speak of those God has used mightily in this world. I am not idolizing people here, just admiring their willingness to serve with purity of heart.) there is usually an obvious similarity between them all. They seem to have a healthy understanding of their future home inContinue reading “Staying Focused on Eternity”

A Concise Theology of Preaching

PREACHING DEFINED Preaching is declaring God and His message by opening the Word of God and relying on the Holy Spirit to help clearly explain the truths found therein, so that listeners may clearly understand God’s message in order that God’s glory is seen and that His will may be obeyed. OUTLINE The Responsibility ofContinue reading “A Concise Theology of Preaching”