The light at dawn

The sun rose at 8:00am this morning here in Boys Town, the latest it will do so this entire year. Tomorrow the sun rises at 7:01am and creeps it’s way back to around 7:45am on December 21st.

Each day has less light, each day is feeling colder. But many of the trees are still holding on to their colorful leaves. It feels that this fall has been the most colorful fall in recent memory, and it has lasted the longest that I can remember.

Unfortunately sickness has been passed around our home. One person currently has Covid, others have various colds, and Sarah and I are both not feeling well ourselves. We have enough Covid symptoms that we thought it wise to be tested. Thankfully our PCRs came back negative today despite not feeling all that well still.

But this morning, before the hubbub of the day, I took these photos from my yard. There’s something special about the light of dawn. The way the light fills the air and reflects off the scattered leaves in the trees and grass is unique to the few minutes right before the sun makes its way over the horizon.

Here are some of the places I noticed the light today:

Published by Andrew

a ragamuffin dad planting some sequoias

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