From celebration to commemoration

When you lose someone you love there are dates on the calendar that immediately go from celebratory to commemorative.

Today is one of those days for me. 

Today would have been my brother’s 24th birthday. I imagine I probably would have tried to go out to eat with him to celebrate. Talk about our favorite shows and movies. Talk about the Marvel Universe. Talk about our favorite YouTubers.

I can imagine us enjoying the mild autumn weather. Going on an electric bike ride together. Complaining about politics and the ineptitude of our leaders and the potentially imminent government shutdown. Talking about coffee brewing methods. Talking about tennis and how Djokovic choked in the US Open and about Naomi Osaka’s mental health and the pressures of life in the spotlight. 

I imagine us playing pool in my basement listening to Kid Cudi. Talking about new albums soon to drop. Talking about live shows we should try to see together in Omaha now that live shows are happening again. 

I imagine us talking about photography. Things I’ve learned this year about editing or composition, or maybe showing him a photographer on Instagram whose work I really like. 

I’d try to remember to take a photo of him, because you can really never take too many photos of the people you love. Time is precious. And if you lose that person somehow, those photos will become priceless to you. 

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