Hammers in my head, as heavy as a dying star

It’s ok to not be ok. Really. Yes, we have responsibilities. One of which is to take care of ourselves. 

In the last week I went to the dentist, which was long overdue. I saw my family doctor who suggested I start taking an anxiety medication again. I chose a therapist to help me work through the stuff I haven’t been able to on my own. 

Perhaps the most important thing we can do in this age of whatever it is, is to be honest. Have integrity. 

God knows we have plenty of other pressures in our lives. Work hard. Work harder. Be everything to everyone. Live your best life now, even when your life is difficult.

Why though?

May I suggest that when you wake up, you ask yourself “What kind of person do I want to be today?” Whatever you choose to be, I hope that honesty and integrity are a part of it. Love and grace and mercy are great additions. 

Even on my worst of days, even when I’m not very loving, I can still choose to be an honest man. 

Truth and love, though. Find them both alive and well in your heart and in your interactions with the other human beings you encounter in a day and you can go to bed knowing you’ve helped contribute to this world rather than steal from it.

Published by Andrew

a ragamuffin dad planting some sequoias

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