My Little Convert

Everyday when Ezra is getting ready for his afternoon nap, Micah starts chanting,


It’s part of the daily routine that when Ezra takes his nap, Micah gets a few cookies of some sort and gets to watch Netflix for a while. Nine times out of ten, Micah demands to watch “JEEOWGE!” (Translation: Curious George)

But some days he doesn’t want to watch George. And when that happens, we have to go through the list of kid shows on Netflix one by one.

“Do you want to watch Thomas?”
“Do you want to watch Daniel Tiger?”
“Do you want to watch Chuggington?”

And it goes on like that for a while until he decides on the one he wants to watch. He usually has something in mind, but we have to go through the ritual of asking about nearly every kids’ show on Netflix.

Yesterday I made it through the entire list without him saying yes.

No George. No nothin. I was stumped.

“Ok Micah, we’ve made it through all the shows. You don’t want to watch any of them?”
“You do? But which show do you want to watch?”
“Doors? You want to watch a show about doors?”
“Oh, do you mean the house show?”
“You want to watch the house show instead of George?!”
“Ok! I can deal with that! I love you kiddo. You’re hilarious!”

What he meant is that he wanted to watch Fixer Upper, something I’ve called “the house show” with him in the past. So we watched the most recent episode. Micah watched intently pointing out anything having to do with doors or windows or sinks.

Maybe this kid is going to be a carpenter, a woodworker, or a construction worker.



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