A House Gone Mad

Reflections & Ramblings: Volume Sixteen

The family is sick. I’ve somehow escaped…for now.


Our household has been sick for the last few days. Somehow I have escaped getting sick thus far, but Micah caught the bug first – most likely from preschool – and then passed it onto Sarah, and now Ezra seems to have a cold, too.

It’s been…rough. We haven’t gotten much sleep these last few nights.

At the doctor's office. Micah's first preschool induced illness. 😢 // #MicahMasato
Micah waiting patiently at the doctor’s office. 

Micah and Sarah both got ear infections. The timing worked out in such a way that Micah didn’t have to miss any school. But due to his lack of good sleep and still  not feeling all that well, Micah has been a bit worse behaved these last few days. He had a note from school today saying that he had to be reminded by his teachers multiple times to do certain tasks earning him a couple trips to time-out. That’s a first for his time in preschool thus far. Hopefully he stops that behavior ASAP, and hopefully it’s related to his not feeling well.


Today it got up to about 45 degrees outside. That was warm enough for Micah to demand to go outside and play in the front yard and on the driveway. (And with to taunt Missy.) Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the mid 60s! A very welcome change of pace to how it’s been these last couple weeks.

Micah taunts Missy.
Micah enjoying the warm sun. Celebrating the first
It was all smiles until, “Ok! Time to come in now!”


After multiple days tending to a sick family out house looked like it exploded. Toys. Dishes. Laundry. Pieces of ripped up paper (thanks Missy…).

I spent like three hours in our kitchen today trying to bring it back to a place where you can see the counters and the stove again. Not fun. Thankfully Sarah was feeling well enough to watch Ezra this morning while I cleaned and while Micah was at school (being naughty).

Let’s hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

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