My Little Photog

Micah’s first Photoshoot


Everyone in our household but me is a bit under the weather. Micah has an ear infection, Mommy’s down for the count and in bed right now, and Ezra is super congested (and cranky). I’m not sure how I escaped from getting sick – but so far, I have.

Recently Micah has been very curious about photography. He’s been taking pictures on Sarah’s phone (including selfies), and he pretends to take pictures with anything that looks like a camera. So I thought it might be fun to teach him how to use my camera. When I asked him this morning if he would want to take pictures on my camera, he exclaimed “YEAH!”


I set up a tripod and taught him how to look through the viewfinder and take pictures. He started taking pictures, and so I jumped into the frame for him to do his first photoshoot as a young photographer.

I realized as we were taking pictures that his hair was standing up on one side of his head, he was wearing no pants, and only had one sock on. Usually it’s the model not the photographer that’s in their underwear…

Welcome to our family. ๐Ÿ˜„


I have two cameras, so while he took pictures of me, I took pictures of him.

Here’s some pics that I took of him:





Always double check you exposure settings!


Here are some pictures Micah took of me:

Me - by Micah

Me - by Micah

Me - by Micah

Me - by Micah

There are more pics, including color versions, hereย in this Flickr album.

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