Mr. Smiles Loves Preschool

Reflections & Ramblings: Volume Fifteen

Preschool seems to be going well for Micah.


Everyday when Micah comes home from preschool, he gets off the bus and says points to the doors, and says, “Doors!” and then “Bye-bye! Bye-bye, bus! Bye-bye!” with a big grin on his face. We walk inside, and he hands me his backpack as he starts to take off his coat. Everyday his school provides us with a report of some of the things that happened during the day. Things such as what job duty he had with the teacher, whether or not he had occupational or speech therapy that day, how many words he used, how many times he went potty, and what kind of activities he participated in. I love to read the summary and try to get Micah to recount what he can of his day with me.

Today, however, there was a special note in the backpack.

Micah School Note

I read it together with Sarah today, and I’m pretty sure we teared up a bit. What a great note to receive. We’ve gone these last few weeks not really knowing how Micah has been doing in school, hoping that he’s been doing ok and that he’s been happy. He definitely never fights going to school, and always seems pretty excited about going.

I loved the note, though. It really warmed my heart. And I love the Miss Renee’s handwriting. Is that a requirement for preschool teachers? 🙂

We are so proud of Micah. We can tell preschool is really helping him. He comes home with a great attitude. Is a helper. He’s all smiles. Even his bus driver calls him Mr. Smiles as he gets off the bus. What a happy little dude.


This past Sunday one of the Sunday School teachers at church said to me,

“I need to tell you something about Micah.”

A big lump quickly formed in my throat, and I swallowed hard and said, “Oh yeah?”

“Yes! Micah was SUCH a great helper today. He was all about cleaning up all the toys in the classroom. He was such a big help!”

I was totally caught off guard.

“Oh, wow! That’s…great! That’s really great. He started preschool recently, so maybe that’s helped!”


Tomorrow he gets to hand out Valentine’s Day cards at school! WUT!?!? I think Sarah and I are way more excited about that than Micah is. I think we’re still having a hard time grasping how big he’s getting. These sorts of things are what bring back our memories of preschool and elementary school. Is Micah really that big? It’s still surreal for us.

Missy and Micah

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