April, Come and Gone

Yikes! April flew by this year. It’s hard to believe, really. But I guess that must mean that life has been busy. Sarah transitioned to working night shift this month, and that has changed up our routines and daily lives a bit. I got a few good representative pictures this month of what life is like around here. I am going to be taking more in May because I’m going to try and participate in Pentax Forums’ a picture a day again. It’s been a while since I’ve done a pic a day, life just got too hectic. But I may try and start it up again this next month.

Anyway, here’s a roundup of some of this past month’s photos (and one video).

Maundy Thursday: an opportunity for lessons in servanthood and humility for these two kiddos.
On Maundy Thursday, we learned about servanthood and humility. Micah washed his brothers feet, imitating Jesus washing his disciples’ feet.
My Good Friday started off with this guy running into my room and jumping into bed. We decided to enjoy some morning laughs and giggles in bed before the little bro wakes up. Hoping your day is off to a good start too! 😄
Micah climbs in bed every morning now. With mommy often gone, he gets half the bed to himself.
I took pictures of the Easter service of my church. It took place at the Holland Center for the Arts in downtown Omaha. There were some neat buildings outside. You can feel free to check out some of my pictures from the Easter service on my blog.
Easter at the Holland 2015
Here’s a shot from before the service. The place was a really neat venue.
Easter this year took place at my mom’s place in Council Bluffs. Ezra and Micah enjoyed finding eggs spread throughout the yard.
Ezra enjoyed eating Peeps for the first time – two of them at once. (Of course.)
Our family with my grandmother on Easter.
When Micah and Ezra were finding their eggs they had to open each one as they found it and eat the jelly bean that was inside before they moved on to try and find another egg.
Micah and Ezra spend their entire days together. Sometimes Ezra is Micah’s shadow.
Although they have their moments, it’s clear they love each other very much.
Here’s Micah trying to play peek-a-boo with Ezra. And yes…Ezra’s not wearing any pants…
It may have been the middle of April, but that didn’t prevent it from snowing.
Micah prepared himself for the elements.
Dad prepared himself for the elements.
But April’s precipitation has lead to flowers starting to grow, and a yard growing with plenty of grass to cut. 😦
This is the back wall of our yard. I like the varying colors and textures.
For the first time since…well…October, I think, I was able to get out of the house and do some work at a coffee shop. It was so nice just to get out of the house for a while.
I visited Echo Coffee in Omaha. It was good and a pleasant place.
We stopped at a neat place in Omaha to take a few pictures with some graffiti. I have have a whole blog post of other shots from here if you care to see them.
The biggest development of the month was that Ezra has learned to walk and now walks everywhere he can.
He loves being able to waddle around without having to crawl.
When the weather is nice, and we have a relaxing evening, we all like to go on a family walk in our neighborhood.
Flowers started to bloom throughout the neighborhood. Spring finally arrived.
A shot of a flower inside my house. We try and keep some flowers around to brighten up our dining room a bit.
Ezra turning to look at me as he scavenges food from off the floor…
Micah waves and says hello.
Ezra has discovered his tongue and loves to show it to people.
Mommy helping Ezra walk through the grass in our front yard.
Mommy and Ezra.
It’s been hard where we live to experience much natural light coming in our windows. We face north and south, and it doesn’t lend itself to lots of good natural light shots. But the light was seeping into the kitchen on this day and I liked the mood.
Micah excitedly welcomed mommy home this morning after she worked three 12 hour night shifts in a row. It's been an adjustment this past week as she switched to night shift. But we are learning new patterns and are so appreciative for how hard mommy works
We all eagerly wait for Mommy to get home in the mornings. Perhaps no one more than Micah. Here he is welcoming mommy home as she pulls into the driveway.
Moving from Chicago was a big decision for the four of us. Hard to believe that was over four months ago now. But we decided that being closer to my family would make all the trouble of moving and getting settled into a new home worth it. And it has been.
I was glad to be able to watch my brother play some tennis at a rival high school in Council Bluffs. It was nice to just sit with my mom while he whooped up.
We got the meats. (But mostly curly fries.)
A quick family dinner at Arby’s. A very rare thing these days.
Mommy left for work. Melt down level: nuclear. 😭
This is now the typical reaction in the evening when mommy leaves for work. It’s not the most pleasant thing in the world. Meltdown level: Nuclear.

And lastly a video of the boys. A glimpse into a typical morning at our house.

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