Life in Omaha (Part 2: March)

We are finally settling down pretty well here in Omaha. I have neglected to post the various pictures I’ve taken the past couple months, so I thought I’d take some time to go back post some of them. People often ask us if we miss Chicago, and honestly, how could we not? It’s an amazing city with some pretty incredible people. But we are happy and content with where we are. Sarah enjoys her job as a labor and delivery nurse, and the boys have definitely enjoyed having a house in which they can be as loud as they might want to be.

Here are some of the pictures that I took in March: [See February’s pictures here.]

Omaha’s Zoo is very well respected as one of the best in the country. We are fortunate to live about 10 minutes away. We now have a season pass and have already been there a number of times. Here’s Ezra enjoying the fish in the aquarium.


The jellyfish exhibit is always one of my favorites.


The colors of these weird creatures are incredible. Yet, they somehow still kind of gross me out.


After a winter of being indoors, we were excited to finally take our first family walk around our new neighborhood. Ezra was happy about it too!


The sun set as we went on our walk. Beautiful midwest sunset.


We have a park and playground near our house that we’ve visited a few times now, too. Micah loves to run around on the playground.


Ezra also likes being at the park, but he doesn’t seem to enjoy the slides as much as his brother.


Micah trying to decide what to do next.


Ezra does love the swings, just like his brother.


The boys swinging together.


Ezra climbing on the playground.


Sarah helps Ezra keep balance on a the dinosaur.


Micah loves the slides!


I finally got a Chemex, and I have used quite frequently since purchasing it. It makes the best coffee in my opinion.


For St. Patrick’s Day, we went to a parade downtown. Ezra was more interested in the things around him.


Wearing plenty of green for the day.


Birds enjoyed the parade on a beautiful morning.


I take so many pictures of the kids that sometimes I forget to take pictures of my beautiful wife. It doesn’t really matter what she’s doing or up to, she’s always pretty.


Ezra's First Haircut
March was also the month we finally decided to get Ezra a haircut. It transformed him into a little man.


Haircut for Micah
Micah also got a much needed haircut that day, too.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
I love being a part of the Instagram community. It is such a unique place on the web. But twice a year, Instagram hosts a global Instameet, in which local instagrammers in cities all across the world meet up with each other to go on a photo walk and meet the people whom we interact with on the app. This year I met up with a few instagrammers from the Omaha area. We explored Boys Town on the west side of Omaha. A unique place with a cool history (nothing like the boystown in Chicago, btw…)


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Stained glass windows in the tomb of the founder of Boys Town.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Boys Town contains the world’s largest ball of stamps. This thing is over 600 pounds and contains over 4 million stamps. It’s in the Guinness book of world records.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Another angle of the ball of stamps.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Neat patterns made by the stamps.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
I thought the doors outside this chapel looked pretty cool.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Here’s the inside of the chapel.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
And an angel statue in some pine cones?


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
It was a beautiful day outside.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Here’s the inside of the founder’s house. A bit busy, I’d say…


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
An old typewriter in the office of the founder.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
There were many gargoyles around the campus of Boys Town.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Here’s another shot from a different angle of that same gargoyle.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
A view looking up at the chapel.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
A wooden monk figurine caught my attention because of how the lighting hit it.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Here’s a shot of the chapel with a lens flare. I thought it made for a cool shot.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
And here it is again from a different angle.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Inside the founder’s house the light coming through the windows was neat. And I liked the symmetry.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
There was an example of the old schoolhouse.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
I thought it interesting that they had pictures of Native Americans hanging in the house. It made me wonder what the story was behind them.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Outside of the campus of Boys Town there is an abandoned farm. It had a few cool things to capture.


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Anyone else see an emoji in this shot?


IgersOmaha Instagram Instameet #WWIM11
Due to the farm being abandoned, this wasn’t much of a worry.


Ezra got a cool superheroes book from his Aunt Lauren, but Micah had to check it out first.


But Ezra seemed to also approve.


Ezra's First Birthday
This picture is from Ezra’s birthday party, but it is one of my favorites that I have taken of him.


Ezra's First Birthday
I made a whole blog post of Ezra’s birthday party, but here’s one of him stuffing the cake into his face.


Stinson Park
Aksarben is the neighborhood in Omaha where we live. Aksarben is a growing area. Here in this park Omaha hosts Maha Music Festival. This year Modest Mouse is headlining.


bath time
Bath time now means two boys taking a bath at the same time. Ezra got a number of these toys for his birthday.


bath time
Micah enjoys his bath time reading.


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