Home Shots

After going to a pancake breakfast this morning we mostly just hung around the house. I decided to take a few shots. I’ve been also trying to take more pictures with my iPhone. I don’t give my iPhone 5s enough credit. I always feel like I need my actual camera with me everywhere, but I’m trying to use my phone more often to take pictures. There are things which it can do that my camera often times cannot do. For one thing it has a wider angle lens on it than I usually use on my camera, so it’s great for being able to capture wider angle pictures. But it also does a great job with exposure and white balance, lending itself to some great pictures. Some of the pictures below are taken with my iPhone.

Ezra SO wants to crawl right now. He’s getting closer.
Micah got Stuck
This captures life at the Seaman household pretty accurately.
Micah playing, Mommy Reading
Micah playing with his blocks, while mommy reads.
Micah Blocks
Lovely light coming through the windows.
Sarah watching the boys
Sarah looks over at Micah while he plays.
Sarah reading
Sarah has been reading the books that the show “Call the Midwife” is based upon. She has had a hard time putting them down.
Sarah Reading
Here’s a shot in color.
Clean dishes
Here’s a shot for my future self – to remind myself of the dishes I clean so often. Lots of kids forks and spoons and cups these days.
Kitchen Sink
As Sarah and I are preparing to leave the Chicago area most likely, I am trying to capture some aspects of the apartment we live in now for future memory. This place is old. I like to think it has character. Our faucet was so rickety that it broke twice before I decided that it was time for a new one.
Ezra on the Floor
Ezra scoots on the floor. The last few days and weeks before he starts crawling. Micah supervises.
Ezra trying to crawl
Ezra. Cute as can be.
Ezra in the Bean Bag
Ezra likes being in the bean bag, but he also wants to be able to crawl out of it.
Ezra in the Bean Bag
Goofy Ezra.
Bucket Head Micah
Micah the bucket head.
Micah and Friends
Definitely not the clearest shot, but Micah loves hanging out with his buddy Charlotte. And she enjoys being in charge of him.
Candy corn
S’mores candy corn. Yes. It’s good.
Candy Corn
Candy Corn.
Candy Corn
Candy Corn close up.

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