If Moms Were Treated Like Dads

I saw this video yesterday and thought I’d share it here. People say lots of things to parents in general that really aren’t thought out very well. They reinforce stereotypes or sexist perspectives. This video addresses some of the many odd and inappropriate things spoken to dads. We’re not all bumbling idiots, you know.┬áThis videoContinue reading “If Moms Were Treated Like Dads”

Shame, Guilt, and the Church: Part 2 – Vulnerability and Shame

[This is part two of an ongoing number of posts that I am doing to try and better understand the place of shame and guilt in our lives. Then, (eventually) I will talk about their place within the Church.] Shame is something that is universal. If we can feel emotion, we feel shame. Interestingly enough,Continue reading “Shame, Guilt, and the Church: Part 2 – Vulnerability and Shame”