It’s ok to not have all the answers

I grew up in a family where things were pretty black and white. There was right and there was wrong. Rules mattered. Grey areas didn’t really exist.¬†I also grew up attending a variety of white, suburban, conservative, evangelical Christian churches. Growing up in this type of home and going to these types of churches helpedContinue reading “It’s ok to not have all the answers”

What are we so afraid of?

Seminary is often called¬†cemetery. This is because people who have lively Christian lives come to seminary and then are pummeled by high academic work and strong challenges to beliefs, convictions, and lifestyles. But for me seminary has been an experience of equipping, emboldening, and empowering. I have indeed been challenged philosophically, emotionally, and spiritually (andContinue reading “What are we so afraid of?”

Christ’s view on the Authority of the Old Testament

Jesus lived a life of humility, born of a woman, and born under the law (Gal 4:4). He lived His life in obedience to Scripture. He trusted the Old Testament Scriptures to be the Word of God, and therefore authoritative in all manners of life. He obviously knew the Scriptures very well, and could callContinue reading “Christ’s view on the Authority of the Old Testament”