We Receive So That We Might Give

A simple concept that arises frequently in the Bible is that we receive various blessings so that we might be able to give and share our blessings with others, whether it be love, wisdom, comfort, money, food, or labor. If we care about those around us, we will not hoard the various riches that weContinue reading “We Receive So That We Might Give”

A look at Colossians 3:1-11

The Apostle Paul deeply cared for the Colossian church. While in prison, Paul wrote a letter to exhort them in their Christian faith. In chapter one, Paul explained that even though he was in chains, he rejoiced in his sufferings for them and was encouraged by them. In chapter two, he encouraged them to growContinue reading “A look at Colossians 3:1-11”

Staying Focused on Eternity

As I look to recent “heroes of the faith” (I speak of those God has used mightily in this world. I am not idolizing people here, justĀ admiringĀ their willingness to serve with purity of heart.) there is usually an obvious similarity between them all. They seem to have a healthy understanding of their future home inContinue reading “Staying Focused on Eternity”