Learning how to love God

Sometimes some of the simplest concepts are some of the most transformational. Assuming you are a Christian, if someone asked you if you loved God, how would you respond? I’m guessing you would more than likely say yes, right? But what if that same person asked you, “How do you love God?” or “Can youContinue reading “Learning how to love God”

Learning to be transparent

I believe that if one is concerned about growing closer to God and maturing in one’s own thought process of self-reflection, being transparent with oneself is absolutely key. The people who I have truly marveled at while here at Trinity have not been those that seemingly have the answer to every question. They are notContinue reading “Learning to be transparent”

A look at Colossians 3:1-11

The Apostle Paul deeply cared for the Colossian church. While in prison, Paul wrote a letter to exhort them in their Christian faith. In chapter one, Paul explained that even though he was in chains, he rejoiced in his sufferings for them and was encouraged by them. In chapter two, he encouraged them to growContinue reading “A look at Colossians 3:1-11”