Shame, Guilt, and the Church: Part 1 – An Introduction

[This is part one of a series that I am doing about the place of shame and guilt in our lives. This is an introduction. I will eventually get to talking about the place of shame and guilt in the church as well. ] I have a notebook in which I reflect on things aboutContinue reading “Shame, Guilt, and the Church: Part 1 – An Introduction”

Hello, Goodbye. Goodbye, Hello.

For whatever reason I have consistently been able to say goodbye well. This doesn’t make goodbyes easy to do or say for me, but I have been blessed in being able to end relationships and chapters in my life with healthy closure. When you grow up in a community where the population is basically 98%Continue reading “Hello, Goodbye. Goodbye, Hello.”

Interesting Statistics About Japan

This is by far not an exhaustive listing of statistics about Japan and the Japanese people. These are stats I find interesting. Most information taken from and CIA World Factbook. Population: Japan is ranked #10 in population with 126,475,664. (China is #1 with 1,336,718,015) Japan has a negative growth rate. It is growing atContinue reading “Interesting Statistics About Japan”