Revenge is in God’s Hands

Revenge is in God’s Hands

The Revenant

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Yesterday I briefly talked with a cinematographer about the movie the Revenant.

“You definitely have to go see it in the theater. It’s so beautiful. He shot the entire movie in natural light.”

“I’ve heard that it’s beautiful. There’s just one thing. My greatest fear in life is bears. I’ve heard there’s a scene…”

“Ok. Yeah. You definitely should NOT see this movie. It is not for you. Not a good idea.”

It’s true. I have a deep-seated fear of bears due to a couple backpacking trips I took while in Boy Scouts in my early teens.

I went to see it anyway.

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Old Film Project

I found a small negative in a drawer of a dresser at a Salvation Army store. I took it home and scanned it on my computer. I inverted the colors and then touched up the image a bit. I discovered a family at Christmas time. A set of four pictures. Two of them of a small girl and what I presume is her father. One of them is an older girl opening a box. The last one a smaller child with a Christmas tree in the background. Four snapshots of a young family at Christmas.

Here are the photos up close: