Paid to Support the Death Penalty

how Nebraska is attempting to bring back the death penalty The other day I went to the DMV to get a Nebraska driver’s license and to register to vote. As I was leaving there were two people standing outside with large clipboards asking people to sign a petition. Usually I try to ignore such peopleContinue reading “Paid to Support the Death Penalty”

Heavy Hearted

Yesterday as I was coming home from work I heard news briefs about five topics in the matter a few minutes that really made me heavy hearted for the rest of the trip home. We are living in a very interesting time in history right now. Botched Execution in Oklahoma I don’t believe in usingContinue reading “Heavy Hearted”


I was contemplating this morning on a number of things revolving around violence and the flippancy we treat the lives of those around us. This happened after a brief back and forth with someone on Facebook regarding capital punishment (according to the Bible) and I was a bit flustered. Anytime I have Facebook banter withContinue reading “Forgiveness.”