At the Slowdown

The other night I went to The Slowdown in Omaha to see a local band named Lot Walks. I took a few pictures of them, the bands that played before (We are the Willows, and Anniversarie), and some scenes around the building. Taking pictures of bands is one of my favorite things to do. IContinue reading “At the Slowdown”

Perfect Teeth at Comprestival

Every year a lifelong friend of mine hosts a summer party which we call Comprestival. It’s got a bouncy house, fireworks, live music, friends, family, and of course – a big roasted hog. This year was the biggest one yet. So big that it had to be out in the middle of some fields inContinue reading “Perfect Teeth at Comprestival”

Black and White Project: Day Twelve

A New Lens, Rory Tyer Band Living on a university campus in on-campus housing has its positives and negatives. The positives mostly revolved around it being incredibly convenient for me to go to class and to fulfill my responsibilities of the various positions I had on campus. Also, there’s a somewhat built-in community. The communityContinue reading “Black and White Project: Day Twelve”