Finding Beauty in a Tragedy

[This post was originally posted on  Andrew Seaman Photography.] On Saturday January 9th, 2016 a fire broke out after a small explosion in M’s Pub located in Omaha’s historic and iconic Old Market neighborhood. The fire ravaged the building and broke the hearts of all those who had ever stepped foot in the Old Market,Continue reading “Finding Beauty in a Tragedy”

Cox Communications

Recently my cable box stopped working. This was the second time that it had happened and it was frustrating. I’m only getting the local channels. I’m not asking for much. But it just randomly stopped working. Twice. So I went to the local Cox Solutions store, told them my story, and they gave me another box. TheyContinue reading “Cox Communications”

So we got a puppy

I’ve never been a dog person. I don’t like how they smell. I don’t like how they bark. I don’t like how they generally need walks. The list could go on and on. About a year ago my family moved from Chicago, Illinois to Omaha, Nebraska. We were moving closer to family and we were aboutContinue reading “So we got a puppy”