A Pic a Day – March

This month I am highlighting the Pentax SMC DA 18-135mm F/3.5-5.6 ED AL (IF) DC WR.  This is a Pentax kit lens which I feel comfortable with, and with the birth of my second son happening sometime within this month I wanted to be using a fast automatic zoom lens.

March 31

Gelato Boy
Well…it’s been a big month. Here’s my last shot of the month. It was very pleasant out today, and so we introduced my mom to our local gelato place. When we came back with it Micah was quite interested in getting some as well. My mom was nice to share with him. (One thing I’ve really been impressed with this month is Pentax K-5 and this lens’ ability to take decent shots at high ISO’s – this shot was taken at 3200 ISO.)

March 30

Andersonville Water Tower
The iconic water tower of the Andersonville neighborhood in Chicago was taken down recently due to being damaged by our brutal winter. It is sad for the community because it is on their seal, it is on posters representing Andersonville, and it is a loss in the remembrance of the area’s Swedish roots. It had been up since the 1920s and was still in use until just a few weeks ago.

March 29

Robin, Zach, and Ezra
My cousin’s family is in town for the weekend and they stopped by to meet Ezra today.

March 28

Sarah's birthday flowers
Flowers in celebration of my wife’s birthday and of the birth of our second son.

March 27

Pillars at night
Pillars during a rainy day in downtown Chicago.

March 26

Ezra with some dinner still on his lip.

March 25

Mommy and the boys
Big brother Micah meeting his younger brother Ezra for the first time. Such a precious moment!

March 24

Ezra Yuuto Seaman
The new little guy!

March 23

Mommy and Ezra
We welcomed Ezra Yuuto Seaman into the world today.

March 22

When you want a baby to be here
When your wife wants to have a baby. NOW. Drastic times call for drastic measures. So she decided to drink castor oil to get the baby to arrive ASAP.

March 21

Micah swinging + Mommy (+ brother)
It was a nice enough day to go to the park today. Micah loves swinging. Clearly…no baby brother yet…

March 20

First Spring Sunset
The DANK Haus – the German American cultural center – in my neighborhood at sunset.

March 19

Sound Board
A sound board. (Taken with the Pentax-M 50mm 1.7)

March 18

Sky and Gull
A seagull flies across the Chicago sky.

March 17

Micah and mommy at Micah’s 18 month doctor’s appointment.

March 16

A girl with a unique hat stands at the corner of a Chicago intersection.

March 15

Library Sculpture
The sculpture outside the local public library. It would seem that along with a finger, a book is missing…

March 14

Micah and Mr. Potato Head
Grammaw came up in preparation for child #2, and she brought Micah a new fun toy.

March 13

Sky, Wires, and Plane
I like the various sized wires, and of course the sky.

March 12

Snowy March Day
It snowed again last night. After two 50 degree days. At least it’s beautiful.

March 11

Even though it’s 50 right now, by tomorrow we’re supposed to be back in the 20s and have another 6 inches of snow. Looks like someone turned the cold back on. 😦

March 10

My apartment
The front of my apartment building.

March 09

37 weeks 5 days
We’re getting closer to meeting baby #2. Sarah’s 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

March 08

Weather Vane
A neighbor’s weather vane

March 03

Meyer Delicatessen sign
This sign hangs in Gene’s Sausage Shop. It is the sign of the previous deli that once was here, but went out of business.

March 02

green elephant
The night light in our bathroom.

March 01

Micah just chillin’ on the couch.

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