A Pic a Day – April

This month I am featuring the Marexar-CX Multicoated 28mm F/2.8.
It is a manual lens that I acquired a few months back, but have never used.

April 15

Snowy Flowers
Much to the displeasure of nearly everyone in Chicago, it snowed again last night. All the wonderful flowers and plants are struggling to survive this cold snap.

April 14

Micah at the gate
A picture of Micah wanting across the gate we have that separates the hallway from the dining room and kitchen. Here Micah pleads with me to let him over to my side. (This is a safety shot from April 12.)

April 13

Palm Sunday
Limited pictures today, but today was Palm Sunday. All the kids from the church threw down palm branches in celebration.

April 12

Micah and his piggy bank
Micah playing with his piggy bank. Learning to save, perhaps?

April 11

Lonely flowers
Some solitary yellow flowers poking their way through the grass.

April 10

a couple buildings at sunrise
A quick shot from my early walk to the car this morning before my drive to work.

April 09

First flowers of spring
Some spring flowers outside the post office.

April 08

I was able to get out of the house and hang out with some new friends today who were visiting Chicago. We ate a wonderful “modern taco” restaurant called Takito. We had the place to ourselves. This is a shot from inside the restaurant.

April 07

Ezra in bed
Ezra just chillin’ in bed.

April 06

Micah, Mr. Model
Micah has learned that if I take his picture, he can see it on my camera’s screen. This morning he wanted me to take his picture so he could see himself and it turned out to be a mini-photo shoot.

April 05

Micah Swinging
It was just warm enough today for a family trip to the park. Micah loves swinging.

April 04

In the Bean Bag
Only took one shot today. Micah just chillin’ with his piggy bank in the bean bag.

April 03

Code of Honor (BW)
Only took one picture today. I was stuck in traffic on a road in Chicago. As I passed by this building I snapped a shot.

April 02

Davis Theater
I’ve featured this theater before, but here is from another angle. Love this iconic sign in our neighborhood.

April 01

Micah at the Window
Micah likes to stand on the windowsill and look out at what’s going on outside.

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