Lent Day Nine: Ask

There’s a question I’ve been asking myself every day for the last month or so. A “bathroom mirror” question, so to speak, because it’s the sort of question people write on post-it notes and stick to their bathroom mirrors.

What kind of person do I want to be today?

It’s an important question to ask. It challenges us to consider where we find value and where we create it.

There’s also a statement, a concept I recently heard, that I am challenging myself to now say to myself help reframe how I think about myself and my circumstances each day.

It is good to be Andrew.

If you were to say that statement, “It is good to be [your name],” would that be true for you? Do you believe it is good to be you?

I will talk more at length about this question and statement in a future post, but perhaps today they can benefit you like they have been benefitting me.

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