Lent Day Five: Still

Sarah and I get one weekend off from work a month. Our job comes with a lot of benefits, but free weekends is not one of them. So each month, that one weekend off feels a bit sacred. In a typical year it would be filled with activities around town, going out to eat, or staying at a cabin or hotel. In this season we’ve been so exhausted by our duties with our Boys Town kids as well as our own three kids that we can’t do much more than try to lay around on the couch or catch up on some house chores.

This winter has been hard on me for all sorts of reasons. But the inability to find quiet and solitude has magnified my sense of restlessness. So if I’m not going to have solitude, and therefore no stillness, I have to find that sense of peace in other ways. Yesterday I went to Topgolf with my best friend here at Boys Town. Today I went on a few errands and took some photos out in the snow with my daughter for our weekly photo challenge.

These simple tasks helped me ease my mind away from my work duties and put my focus on my friends and family. Doing this gave me the ability to take a deep breath, to enjoy my weekend off and capture a sense of stillness even in the midst of a life that requires me to be attentive to the needs of other people.

This week’s photo challenge was called “Roll Credits” and was supposed to be a photo that could be the last scene of a movie before the credits roll. It was a hard one to think through and be creative with. What last scene of any movie do you remember? Not many for me, if I’m being honest.

But I watched Nomadland with Sarah and Lydia last night and the ethos of the movie was wonderful I loved the midwest/western vibes of the movie. And with Frances McDormand being the phenomenal lead actress in the movie, it somewhat reminded me of Fargo.

After it snowed about five or so inches this morning, Lydia and I went out so that way we could take our photos for this week’s challenge.

Here’s mine:

And here is Lydia’s:

It was a challenging week for such a broad theme. But we finally made it work I think.

On this day seventeen years ago I asked Sarah via email if she would be interested in a “mutually exclusive romantic relationship.” Somehow me asking her in that manner did not scare her off and she replied, telling me she was interested. And thus began our dating journey together.

I sent her that email when I was seventeen years old, and now that it’s been seventeen years since then that means I’ve spent half my life with Sarah as my partner. And now we have a seventeen year old daughter. That is something I would not have predicted happening. I do remember taking a late night walk with Sarah early on in our relationship. I think we had been dating three or six weeks and we had already declared our love for each other. We felt like we were the ones for each other. Soul mates. And so we talked about the sorts of things that soul mates talk about. We talked about what we saw ourselves doing in the future, what our wedding would be like, how many kids we would have. Those sorts of things. I remember Sarah asking me how any kids I wanted and I told her, “Three, two of our own and one adopted.” Fast forward seventeen years and here we are — we are working together every day and we have three kids, one of which we are adopting.

Life is funny like that. The desires of our hearts can be fulfilled in ways we never would have expected, but end up being better than we could have ever predicted.

Lydia and Sarah

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