First Family Camping Trip


It’s fun there are still milestone firsts that we can have as a family. This weekend we took a family camping trip at a nearby state recreation area. Along the edges of the twenty or so small lakes there are areas which can be reserved for “primitive” camping.

Earlier this summer my wife and I had discussed how we thought the boys were finally old enough to be able to manage a camping trip. As an Eagle Scout, when I think of camping, I think of a tent set up in some backwoods area in the middle of nowhere. That’s not exactly what Sarah references in her mind. Her experience with camping has never really been with tents, but rather with pop-up campers.

Earlier this summer we thought about investing in a pop-up camper, which is a sort of camping that I have never personally experienced. But after doing some research we decided that investing in a camper was probably a bit above our price range at the moment. A nice tent made more sense for our needs.

Our new behemoth of a tent


We get one weekend off each month, and we knew that this month would be our first real opportunity to try and take a family camping trip. What we didn’t know was that the weekend we were off it would be a heat index of 108 degrees.

It was hot, so just sitting in the shade of a tree was a necessary reality of the weekend.
It might have been super hot, but that’s no excuse not to snuggle with mom.


The following photos are snapshots from a very hot day and evening. I’ve been trying to shoot in black and white more often.


The last set of photos were of Micah. Here are some photos of Ezra.


And some of both of them


Overall, I’d call this trip a big success. We are a family that camps together now. Can’t wait for our next trip. Let’s hope it’s not nearing 110 degrees the next time I visit!

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