High Dive

It’s time to take the jump.

Our family is about to experience a huge change. I desperately want to talk about it publicly, but I can’t quite yet. But I will soon.

To give you a sense of how I’ve felt the last couple weeks as I’ve prepared for this potential big change, I’ll leave you with this metaphor:

I feel like I’m a kid shaking at the end of a high dive board after a summer of swim lessons. I’ve prepared for this moment. I have the proper skills to be successful. I know how to swim, and I know the pool below me is deep. I just need to take the dive.

I don’t want to put all my training and hard work to waste. It’s time to enjoy the free fall, and the crash into the the depths. I’ve made the long steep climb up the ladder. I’ve walked out to the end of the diving board. It’s time to jump.

It can be dangerous. I do need to practice good technique to remain safe. But there are also those trained around me, ready to help if need be. And my friends and family are there to cheer me on as soon doubt creeps into my mind.

I know the impact may sting a bit, and there will be a big splash, but the feeling of the free fall and then of being enveloped by the water will be exhilarating. And I know that I’ll be so glad that I jumped. I won’t regret it.

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