Bancroft Art Gallery

Today as we were driving around Omaha, we passed by a cool building that was covered in graffiti. We decided to stop and take some pictures, and as we did a guy pulled up in his car. It ended up being the guy who ran the place, which we found out was an art gallery and performing arts building. They host all kinds of events. He was kind enough to show us around his building and tell us of the various events that take place there. We snapped a few shots outside before we left. Pretty neat place.

Outside in the parking lot and around the property there are all kinds of painted 10 foot cement barriers. Lots of cool designs.


Tried to get Micah to stand and pose at the wall…but he had other things on his mind apparently.


Can you spot the Micah?


Mommy and Ezra pose at one of the walls.


Humpty Dumpty.


Ezra enjoying this animal themed wall.


Today was the first day that Ezra has worn shoes. He has recently started to walk, and it came in handy today.


Two brothers doing what boys do best.


Our two very cultured kids.


Ezra should work at an art gallery. He likes to show out the art.


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One thought on “Bancroft Art Gallery

  1. These pictures remind me of what it’s like walking around sections of the Berlin Wall, like in the East Side Gallery (maybe it has to do with the painted walls…).

    That’s awesome that you got a private tour from the manager/owner/operator. It pays to stop and be amazed.

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